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Welcome to Saint  Lawrence ​!

 Welcome to the WEB site of St. Lawrence Parish! I am Fr. Walter J. Benn, Pastor of this wonderful parish, located next to the Delaware River among the rolling hills of Upper Bucks County. If you have visited the area, you have discovered that this is unadulterated farm country. Many of the farms in the area have been within the same families for many generations. Historically, the Catholic community here has been small but growing. Initially, the spiritual needs of Catholics in the area were addressed by neighboring parishes, which were themselves small. Eventually, the Catholic population grew to the point where a small church was built as a Mission Church in order to accommodate the growing number of Catholics in the Riegelsville area. That wooden church served the needs of the people until 1958 when the present church was built. St. Lawrence became an independent parish in 1974.  While the majority of our parishioners are Pennsylvanians, you’ll find a large number of parishioners who are originally from Northern New Jersey and New York city.

In order for you to get a sense of our parish, I would encourage you to visit the various “Tabs” on our WEB site. They will give you a sense of what we are about and what we are striving to become. WEB sites can be helpful in many ways; however, nothing will give you a better sense of St. Lawrence Parish as a personal experience. If you are a person or family, who is looking for a community in which to establish your spiritual roots, I would encourage you to include a few personal experiences of St. Lawrence Parish before making your decision. Come among us and take the time to experience our parish. When you do, you will discover a group of believers who are proud of their parish and proud of their Catholic Faith.

Fr. Walter Benn

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